» Posted on Jan 23, 2014

The investment landscape has changed


The global economic crisis began to be felt in the early 2000s with the first appearance of the housing market in the United States of America . Quickly, she started a chain reaction , a reaction that had the root cause excessive leverage investment placements globally as a ” catalyst ” for the spread of the decline in consumer confidence and hence demand for the products already ypermochlefmena investment economy .

The impact of the global financial crisis is most evident and affected all traditional areas of income :

The government bond market is now divided into two categories : the bonds ‘ strong ‘ state economies , such as the countries of the European North and the U.S. , where characterized by increased investment security but offer minimal returns because of excessive capital inflows in these economies and bonds of other ” bad ” state economies which offer a high yield , but the investment risk is characterized high.

The real estate market first “victim ” of the crisis when it began in the U.S. , shows steady development recession since been a major investment field for over a decade with the result that the supply of housing in this period overlaps a multiple degree of demand. Especially in Greece , the real estate market is in a deep recession and the estimates refer to deterioration of the domestic economy as tested by the crisis .

The investment in stock markets placements strong economies such as Germany , England , the U.S. and other countries experienced large and stable returns for much of the decades before the onset of the crisis . Shares of large multinationals had steady growth leading stock market indices in successive higher levels . During the crisis , however , attempts to restart these economies through support programs such as Quantitative Easing U.S. , the LTRO Eurozone and weakening of the Japanese yen have led stock indexes to record highs amid crisis and consumer demand constantly giving . This outlines a backdrop of horror about the prospects of these indicators in the coming years .

Finally , the defensive positioning and savings funds traditionally strong ” reserve ” currencies like the U.S. dollar , the Swiss franc or the Japanese yen exposes the investor’s portfolio in inflation risks as the major economies of the planet trying to stimulate domestic consumption through regular monetary relaxation as previously mentioned .

The global economic momentum in recent decades has changed and the rules in the area of investment has changed. The financial markets crisis leads to the de – globalization , introversion and deleveraging – the landscape has changed dramatically .



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