» Posted on Jan 23, 2014

Manufacturers go to … estate exchanges


They finished but unsold houses on land , these taxes
The crisis in the housing market still exists , as buying interest remains on the merits nonexistent , especially for newly built structures are erected construction companies in the last 3-4 years . So lately have started to record more and more unusual practices in real estate , in an effort to make certain acts. Indeed , the “innovations” are not only buying and selling , and rentals , where despite turning several households in this direction , empty houses continue to be calculated as 20% of the total. Cohabitation between strangers or friends are now on the agenda in order to be allocated expenditure , as well as lease contracts lasting one to two months.

New Trend

According to sources from the brokerage market , has recently appeared again and the effect of exchange houses. This one finds with a little searching on the Internet , where many properties are advertised to exchange with others. The offer there , as many would like to acquire a property with the specifications of their choice and in which they serve . Given the lack of funding directed to the solution of the exchange. For example , one can find ads where owner who has two renovated apartments in Kolonaki, with a total value of 60,000 euros , will be exchanged with the corresponding value house in Corinth or the northern suburbs . However , brokers expressing strong reservations about whether such agreements are possible and mostly likely to fuel market growth . The skepticism stems from the fact that it is extremely difficult to match the desires of one side to the other. According to Mr. Lefteris Potamianos , vice president of the Association of Realtors Athens – Attica, although this trend has been revived today , the market lacks liquidity , but “it is very difficult to align the ” I “of both sides . Indeed , if any of the property there is a dispute with a mortgage loan that is not repaid in full, then the situation becomes even more complicated , as will be agreed and the bank , ” he says.
According to Mr. Potamianos , most likely is the use of this method of professional manufacturers . ” What we see is that of those who sell real estate today , 70 % do so because they need money and seeks to rid itself of the annual tax levy. This applies to professional builders , who are most likely users of the method of exchange in the future , ” says Mr Potamianos . Specifically , can a manufacturer to exchange three compartments of the stock of unsold property in order to obtain in exchange a plot of land.


It is a system of proportional contribution , except that the land-owner does not take in consideration some apartments in the building that will be built on the property , but others are already building constructed apartments in another area . However , since no manufacturer today does not go to build a new building housing oversupply and lack of demand , this method is likely to be exploited in the future when market conditions improve . Then a manufacturer can make this solution to provide immediate new land to develop .
In the rental market , one of the emerging trends concerning cohabitation . Although many young bachelors have returned to the paternal hearth abandoning the dream of independence , but there are those who still have work , just not able to sustain their own house they rent . Thus seeking someone roommate to share the cost of rent . This is something that was old , especially among students , but now has begun to be extended to other categories of tenants . Indeed , apart from the houses , this trend has begun to be observed in the premises , where some professions, such as lawyers and doctors , allied under the same roof .