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Luxury refurbishment 15,000 € (50% profit)

»Posted on Dec 28, 2011 | 0 comments

       The major renovation work includes the dismantling, electrical installation, plumbing and drainage installation, heating – gas, coating, close concrete, bathroom, floor tiles, painting, interior doors, security doors, kitchen, exterior windows.   Decommissioning Dismantling the wooden floor of the living room and both bedrooms. Dismantling tile bath and kitchen Dismantling of the old kitchen. Decommissioning of old interior doors. Decommissioning of old exterior doors and windows. Dismantling of the old entrance door. Include the collection, transportation of debris and work. Electrical Installation Complete new electrical installation throughout the apartment. New electrical panel ABB, cables, aftomatakia ABB, antiplixiako, security light,...

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