» Posted on Dec 28, 2011

       The major renovation work includes the dismantling, electrical installation, plumbing and drainage installation, heating – gas, coating, close concrete, bathroom, floor tiles, painting, interior doors, security doors, kitchen, exterior windows.


  • Dismantling the wooden floor of the living room and both bedrooms.
  • Dismantling tile bath and kitchen
  • Dismantling of the old kitchen.
  • Decommissioning of old interior doors.
  • Decommissioning of old exterior doors and windows.
  • Dismantling of the old entrance door.
  • Include the collection, transportation of debris and work.

Electrical Installation

  • Complete new electrical installation throughout the apartment.
  • New electrical panel ABB, cables, aftomatakia ABB, antiplixiako, security light, sockets and switches LENGRAND.
  • Include the purchase of materials and labor.

Plumbing and Sewage System

  • Complete new plumbing and drainage installation in the bathroom and the kitchen.
  • Position species sanitaryware and accessories.
  • Include the purchase of materials and labor.

Heating – Gas

  • A gas boiler TORRENT Italian origin.
  • Full heating installation for each individual body.
  • 4 panel radiators.
  • One radiator – towel for the WC.
  • 1 table with 2 panels autonomy.
  • One thermostat.
  • Connecting the boiler to gas.
  • Study and dossier filing in DEPA.
  • Include the purchase of materials and labor.


  • Placement in the bathroom and the kitchen.
  • And at various points in the partial partition created by the decommissioning.
  • Includes labor and materials.

Close concrete

  • Coating the floor (which has removed the wooden floor) close to concrete.
  • Includes labor and materials.

Tile floor

  • Granite floor tiles 40 x 40 for 80sqm ².
  • The tiling floor with skirting boards.
  • Includes labor and materials.


  • Bathroom Tiles 20m ² in size 25cm X 40cm.
  • Bathroom tile installation.
  • 1 bath 1,80 cm x 0,70 cm and a thermomiktiki faucet.
  • One bathroom furniture with sink – mirror – and one cupboard thermomiktiki battery.
  • 1 bowl flush.
  • Set of bathroom accessories.
  • Include the purchase of materials and labor


  • Putty and scrape the walls and ceilings of the various cracks or bulges.
  • Prime all walls and ceilings (inside) compartment and then dealing with the two layers for painting the apartment.
  • The coloring of the apartment is at the option of the owner.
  • The colors will be the company KRAFT.
  • Include the purchase of materials and labor.

Inside doors

  • 3 doors with laminate wood frame; sea.
  • With curved frame and Basquiat.
  • With locks and handles.
  • Include the purchase of materials and labor.

Safety Door

  • 1 security door with 13 points and one pantograph design.
  • Include the purchase of materials and labor

External frames

  • 4 external PVC frames with integrated roll company Alousystem.
  • With ENERGY windows.


  • 7 linear meters of bakelite kitchen in various shades .
  • With cabinet width 0.08cm. and rubble inox 15cm.
  • With fully adjustable gimbals maximum weight of 140 pounds.
  • With Damp-proof bench 4cm.
  • With sink , double bowl 90cm inox Zagreus deep, with thermomiktiki battery.
  • With air brakes in drawers and cupboard hinges snap .
  • By sliding hood, color inox double turbo .
  • With built- in bin door with stainless cover the base of the cabinet .
  • Supply and install kitchen tile .
  • Include the purchase of materials and labor .